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Credit Co-Operative Society

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Multi-State Co-operative Society

Under Multi State Cooperative Societies ACT, 2002, multi-state cooperative societies are required to be registered. It must be for the needs of society to serve members ' interests in more than one State. Group of individuals form multi-state co-operative societies in order to facilitate their economic and social development and to provide functional autonomy.

Types of a Multi-State Co-operative Society

  • Credit co-operative society
  • Housing co-operative society
  • Agriculture co-operative society
  • Marketing co-operative society

Register a Multi State Credit Co-operative Society

  • Four copies of Model Bye-Laws
  • Intensive inquiry letters for NOC
  • Promoter members list
  • Minimum 7 board members and maximum 21 board members
  • Minimum 50 members from each state at least two states.
  • Pre-registration meetings resolution copy (about board, capital, members, operations)
  • Proposed name of your multi-state cooperative society
  • Head office address to be registered
  • The Bank's certificate stating the credit balance in favor of the proposed multi-state credit co-operative society
  • A detailed plan that will support the credit cooperative society for the social and economic development of its members and the community as a whole.

Raise Fund in a Multi-State Credit Co-operative Society

  • In a financial year, a multi-sate cooperative society may accept deposits not exceeding ten times the paid up share capital and net reserves.
  • A multi-state cooperative society may issue non-convertible debentures up to 25% of its paid-up share capital. multi-State co-operative society can issue non-convertible debentures to the extent of twenty-five per cent of its paid-up share capital.
  • A fund raise through the allotment of equity shares.

Cash Application

We will clarify that for all customer transactions we have a process in place to seek guidance on remittances. We record and apply all payments received in bank via ACH, wire or Check to the related invoices.


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