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IFRS Conversion Services

  • Design International Financial Reporting Standards Control system
  • Determine measure for conversion from Ind-AS / USA GAP to v International Financial Reporting Standards

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What does International Financial Reporting Standards Conversion Services mean?

International Financial Reporting Standards is what the IFRS stands for. These are the collection of accounting instructions that the Global Accounting Standards Board has produced to become the world standard for the public overall financial reports.

By following International Financial Reporting Standards, a company will submit its financial reports with international competitors on the same terms, which will be useful when accurately evaluating the financials. Corporations with subsidiaries in several other countries or adopting IFRS are also necessary to use one international accounting terminology.

Organizations must also conform with the provision for International Financial Reporting Standards when they are a international affiliate or have a foreign investor reporting under International Financial Reporting Standards..

What procedures are followed for the management of International Financial Reporting Standards Conversion Services.

The International Financial Reporting Standards Phases Include:

  • Assessment phase
  • Identify and analyze gaps in accounting and documentation and their effect on IT systems
  • Processes and the business management approach
  • The Accounting Phase includes:
    1. To determine whether the accounting policies are defined or not
    2. To determine whether the blueprints for IT system change are created
    3. To determine whether the modules related to training are prepared or not
  • Whether all the changes designed must be implemented and carried out is included in the final stage

Our group of IFRS practitioners who are technically proficient as well as experienced advisors with a high level of professional skills necessary to provide consulting services to International Financial Reporting Standards which allow them to run the company quite efficiently.

Services offered by us for International Financial Reporting Standards Advisory Services as below:

International reporting frequently requires international leadership and funding which supports the multinationals that include -

  • Design mechanism of budgetary control.
  • Determine plans for the efficient use of resources.
  • Aid leadership in how to use working capital successfully and efficiently.
  • Examination of¬†financial planning and measures to use the resources more efficiently.
  • Prepare the document of the feasibility study of new projects and extensions.

Benefits after taking IFRS Advisory Services by us are mentioned below:

  • Improve global market competition
  • Facilitate global sources of capital
  • Minimising efforts to report on financial statements that will reduce overall costs
  • Enhance and simply set a process that sets a benchmark for enhancement

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