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International Tax Advisory Services

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What does International Tax Advisory Services mean?

If you are working around territories or are participating in multiple jurisdictions, you have met with tax laws, particularly regulatory legislation So you need to be prepared for current policy changes – so the financial advisors will have a challenging job to do.

In an environment with increased globalized competitiveness, the path to business success is to prepare a tax strategy and match the execution with your expected corporate tax strategy.

India Financial Consultancy Corporation Pvt Ltd International Taxation Services its coverage and experience

Our international tax experts have the expertise, the professional experience and the competence to help companies cope with the following transactions:

  • Cross Border needs
  • Legal Compliances
  • Transfer pricing transactions
  • Other tax related issues

To order to obtain an up-to-date strategic tax perspective, it is necessary to obtain the business objectives by using the regional networks as the means through which the information needed can be obtained:

  • European Direct Tax Group
  • Latin American Tax Group
  • International Tax Desks

1) European Direct Tax Group:

The European Direct Tax Group is a pan-European network consisting mainly of legal experts specialized in the area of direct taxes. One will need to be trained to meet the developments and investigate their practices, prospects and investment decisions.

Contents of European Direct Tax Group:

  • European Direct Tax Group News alerts: It is intended to stay up-to-date on key decisions and views that also include regional trends in the field of direct taxation.
  • European Direct Tax Group Bimonthly Newsletter: It is a list of all applicable rulings of the ECJ and the national courts and judgments pertaining to direct tax law and State aid.

2) Latin American Tax Group:

Latin America's continued development and stability make it a great region for corporations to contemplate and broaden their current presence.

LATAX has a development team of deep technical, sector and cultural experience on Pan-Regional Latin American Tax Issues across America.

Our core team provides critical services as follows:

  • Mergers, acquisitions, and dispositions
  • Framework of new operations in a new sector
  • Financing of activities in Latin America
  • Tax treatment linked to cross-border purchases, namely deductibility, withholding taxes
  • Regional Shared Support Centers
  • Holding company structures for various regions
  • limited service risk models including contract and toll production and limited risk delivery

3) International Tax Desks:

The International Tax Offices provide seasoned tax professionals from Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa with the relevant tax and market knowledge needed to explore new opportunities.

Research and Development through worldwide

Innovative and innovative players play a very important role in the nation's economy – which can continue to provide grants and tax incentives to encourage innovation from outside the country.

Innovative and innovative players play a very important role in the nation's economy – which can continue to provide grants and tax incentives to encourage innovation from outside the country.

Roadmap to implementing the strategy is as follows:

  • Recognize the research activities
  • Confirm the accurate accounting records for the payment of tax relief.
  • Considering current and future alternate tax planning approaches based on different jurisdictions
  • Collection, arrangement and production of supporting documents and elimination of qualifying costs
  • Build processes, innovations that will increase the efficiency and efficacy of current and future incentives;

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